Gladiators of the Red Mountain

Catching Up 2

During the last days of their Gladiatorial they also gained Rattlegear, a cyborg, as part of their party. The party won their last battle that they were told would ensure their freedom. That evening they slept in anticipation of their release. As they were being shown their fortune, the next morning, a rebellion arose in the arena’s prison. Sir Charles decided to skip out on the party and let them fend for themselves. They did so and chased after Sir Charles (and their fortune) in a wagon. They found Sir Charles and killed him, took the gold and left for a port town. When they arrived at the port town they sought supplies and a ship to get away from this place, where they were now fugitives. They found a ship that was for sale and could take them across the sea. In order to use and buy this ship they needed to sale the captain on his last voyage. They agreed to this and set sail. On this ship they took on Sir Damien, a fighter, into their party. For weeks the ship sailed without problems until a kraken struck. This creature broke the ship in half and this sent Rattlegear on one half of the ship and the rest of the party and crew on the other. The party and crew sailed half the ship to within shouting distance of the island of Ooshlesh. They seemed to have made it free and clear when they ran into a spire. After the most ridiculous and idiotic fight between this spire and the party they made it to Ooshlesh. The party found a map of the island and decided to go to the village. Sir Damien found a ring on the beach and put it on immediately. It hurt him but he thought little of it. They trekked through the swamps and snuck into a lizard folk village. Here they were introduced to the chief. He told them that his village had been losing hunters to something strange and he would like the party to investigate. The party took on the task and went out into the forest. There they found a fungi that was taking over the forest and had killed multiple hunters, including the daughter of the chief. They reported this to the chief and he decided to burn the poisoned forest down. The party would help the next morning. That evening Palbel and Hinter, another fighter, awoke to loud screams. They quickly left their hut and ran to the noises. There they discovered a dead female lizard person, mauled in fact. They entered the hut where the perpetrator had gone and engaged with a Werewolf. It was discovered after they knocked out this Werewolf that it was indeed Sir Damien. He wore a ring that made him into a Werewolf on full moons and so a pact was made that he would have to chain himself up during these frenzies. The next morning they set off to help with the fires in the forest that were already going. It was discovered that the fires were only making the fungi stronger and that the spore queen must be found. The party searched and found that the spore queen was traveling attached to a behemoth. The group found this behemoth and killed it and then spore, which made the fungi die off. They returned to the chief and were given a key and information to access a tomb. The party went to the tomb and entered it. Here they went down level after level. At one point they went through a gargoyle hall, and when someone stepped near enough a gargoyle, the gargoyles would charge them. Palbel, like a drunken fool, fell twice into the light and died. The next level down the group found a shifter, named Shaleak, who enjoyed pain thoroughly. He joined the party so that he could cause pain in many people. They continued down levels, found a fork, killed a skeleton with that fork and went into the tomb of a king. They dispatched the king and he thanked them for putting him to rest. An old acquaintance, Gavias showed them into a secret room, where they found a powerful magical item and Gavias stole it from them. He wheeled out and they all turned back toward the village. They found Rattlegear back there and found out their gold had been stolen by orcs. They decided to sail after it, to the orc Island.



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