Gladiators of the Red Mountain

A Party Changed through Time

3 New adventurers joined the party, Mozbet, Callick and Artebius. This happened at the mercenaries guild where they had to sign up and take on an entry level job. Mozbet and Callick tried to get a boy to join their Relgion but that just brought the guards upon them. Tress got drunk with Artebius. They picked up their first job, which was to clear an orc dungeon. The group accomplished this with ease, destroying a ritual and portal in the process. They went back to the guild and signed the papers to make them part of the guild and picked up 2 more contracts. The first contract was to get rid of a singing lady near a farm. They found that it was on an old battlefield and soon the angelic lady appeared. She sang and sang and the party tried to get her attention. The only thing that worked was using a psychic power to make her stop. That caused wraiths to appear, which killed Mozbet and Callick. The lady begin singing and resurrected the two fallen adventurers. She then seemed to be down and went on her way. The party left that place and went to their second contract. This was to clear an abandoned town of goblins. The party happily did this, killing all, except one baby. Callick drew their religious symbol in the town, Tress died and Mozbet kept his head on top of his. The pirate captain did not take kindly to this action and threw them off the ship. So they went back to the town for a few days but had no supplies. Mozbet and Callick went to the forest and got lost. They tried to tame a bear and were not able to do so. Then they found a secret in the forest, which eventually turned back time to when they stepped off the ship the first time, with Tress. Only Mozbet and Callick knew about the time travel so they stayed away from religious symbols and kept Tress alive. The party accomplished the task, kept the baby alive and flew back to the guild.



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