Gladiators of the Red Mountain

Catching Up 4

The group took off in the airship to find a Baselesk and kill it for a reward. The group found this creature and came close to killing it, Fishlock lost an arm and Fenwick decided to tame the creature. So he got left behind to tame this creature, which he did very successfully and named it Bubba 2.0. Fishlock needed a prothstetic arm and the Pirate Engineer said he could get one if they went to the Crystal Isles. The group flew there on the airship. On the way there Fishlock came close to death but Shaleak was able to sustain his life. Damien and Shaleak stayed behind, because it was a full moon, once they arrived. Tress, Drubar and the Pirate engineers went searching for the needed crystals. They were able to locate them but also ran into a few cyclops’. With the help of the ships cannons the cyclops were killed or chased off and the group got their crystals. They made it back to the ship and climbed the ladder. Fishlock was barely conscious and being fit for his prosthetic when Shaleak told everyone to get out. They did and Shaleak sacrificed Fishlock as well. He blamed it on Damien, who had transformed into his werewolf form. They also told the party that Damien had ripped of Tress’ arm and he would need the prosthetic, that had really been Shaleak who cut it off for him. The party believed him and Tress’ so they left it alone and gave Tress the prosthetic arm. They went back to find Fenwick, or his body. It was an easy find as Fenwick was right where they had decided on and he was there with the Baselesk. They loaded the creature and Fenwick into the airship and left for the Mercenaries Guild. As they took into the air a Chimera struck the ship. This battle lasted for what seemed like ages. The Chimera killed Hinter on the deck of the ship before Fenwick and Shaleak lept onto two of the heads. One of the heads flung Shaleak across the boat and over the side. He prayed and shifted into the boat, grabbed a cannonball and ran back onto the deck. He jumped off the ship onto the Chimera and grabbed onto Fenwick. Fenwick pushed him away and held the javelin and rope he was connected too. Shaleak blew up the Chimera and fell to the ground, barely dying. The group somberly flew to the mercenaries guild.



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