Gladiators of the Red Mountain

Catching Up 3

The party landed on the orc island, where they went to find some orcs. They killed a gorilla and were ambushed by a human party. Then they made a deal with an orc chief that they would create peace on this island. They set out for the other villages on the island to help create this peace. The group made it to the second village and talked with the chief there, he told them they must clear out a settlement of raiders. The party found this settlement and set about to destroy it. Rattlegear prepared tomes that were explosive and proceeded to blow up 3 of the tents. Hinter and Tress went into the 4th and final tent to stop Rattlegear. He blew it up anyways, which seemed like the end of that story. When those left in the party returned to the Orc village, the chief said he would send his scout dogs with them to get proof. The party went back to the settlement and realized that not everyone had been killed and that those in the last tent had escaped. The party chased them down and Rattlegear went to kills Fawkes, the leader of this human settlement. Hinter had sword loyalty to him and wouldn’t let that happen. Rattlegear and HInter engaged in a fight, a tree was dropped on Rattlegear and Hinter tried to blow both of them up with a tome. The tome disappeared through a portal thanks to Fawkes. Hinter told Rattlegear to split and so most of the party went south to the final village, to try and gain peace there. This town was larger and known for their slave trading. The party made it in through a wagon and went to the prison to free some prisoners. Here they found a baby orc and Shaleak, who grew up in prisons, sacrificed a half orc to his God. The crew took off for the port and commandeered a small transport ship. HInter told them to wait for Fawkes who was still in the town. A legion of Orcs stormed towards the ship on one side while Fawkes sprinted on the other. Shaleak, Hinter, Sergei (A Brawler the group had found recently) and Fenwick stayed on the dock. Shaleak threw his magic fork into the orc crowd and stabbed an orc in the face, Sergei did the same with an axe and Fenwick took his horse and sprinted towards Fawkes. He picked up Fawkes and everyone jumped onto the boat as orcs streamed off the dock. One, with a fork in his head fell in so they picked him up with a rope, took out the fork and threw him back. Thus the group traveled on. They decided to sail for the land near Calderas. On the ay there the ship was attacked by poison and pirates. Hank, the cook, perished in a tragic fall. The others survived and took on a pirate engineer and the MV Shalmean. (Named after Shaleak’s Mother). They also found out about a Pirate Bay where they would be more welcome. The group sailed for that port. In the port the group took on various tasks, including stealing at the pub, finding the thieves guild, Shaleak losing multiple fingers, and Damien working with the shipping company heir. The group also gained access to an airship with an old time pirate captain. Continued in Part 4…



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