Gladiators of the Red Mountain

Catching Up

In the beginning there were 5, Odja (Undead Warlock), Michael Boop (Elf Ranger), Tress (Dwarf Cleric), Fenwick Mcgibbles (Gnome Rogue) and Hans Johnson (Human Slayer). There is also an NPC named Drubar, a Draconic Fighter. They found themselves transported to Callderis to fight in the Gladiator Arena and die. They battled Goblins, Orcs, Devil Rays, Gollums, a Dragon and A Dryder before a fateful turn of events. On that day Boop woke up feeling innocent. Fenwick and He decided to shoot an arrow out a window. They did this successfully but were warned by the guards not to do it again, not please with the results they fired again. This time the overbearing guards came after them. Boop quickly hid the bow and Fenwick covered his friends back. He lied and said that Daniel, best friend to Hans was the one who shot the arrow. The guards believed him and proceeded to take Daniel out of the dungeon. A few hours later, after a verbal beating was given to Fenwick and Boop, Daniel reappeared minus a hand. He later bled out and died. A few arena encounters later, Hans begun controlling the Undead General. The party, minus Tress and Drubar, ganged up on Boop and killed him. Luckily for Fenwick he had the grumpy dumpies. Hans also perished by way of his own hand.

The arena managers decided they needed a few more for their fighting troup so they gave the party a Human Druid, Palbel Wolfcaller. He had a spirit bear by the name of Travis accompanying him. The group fought well enough to earn a sponsor, Sir Charles, who promised their freedom should they continue winning their battles. They did…



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